20 March 2012

the Sugar Cubes

After drawing these little characters 8 years ago, wow! It would seem they still want to be here. Recently the little ponies have been through a struggle for their survival. I've been distracted by other happenings in my life and with the company's fan base growing over the years the products have echoed the age change and the little characters have been left behind. But then where's the fun gone? I just watched the animation and all the love for these ponies came back. So I'm off to paint a NEW illustration for a transfer print and we'll get it up asap x

20 September 2011

pony artwork

I've been tidying up my computer trying to file things and put things where i can find them! and came across all this lovely pony art work which has been used as prints on bags and tops over the last 7 years ! 
Yes Sugar Cubes has been going 7 years my pony mad daughters have become teenage teenagers. It's been busy and my poor computer filing system is, well like a teenage bedroom ! and you know you start to tidy up and it get's messier and messier so if i disappear never to be seen again please send someone to pull me out of my apple, 
thank you. 

16 September 2011

the Sugar Cubes Log Book

 Hi it's useful to have a record of your own pony, or your fave pony at your Riding school. Here are some fun pages you can download and print off to fill in and make your own personal record. There are 18 pages all together and I've put them on flicker which is the link on here and on facebook. The Official Sugar Cubes Ponies page. Whichever is the easiest to see and print from. The great thing is you can just print the pages you want as you want them, have fun and make your own Log Book.

25 August 2011

Pink or Blue?

We know there are lots of pink pony princesses out there..

and we also know there are lots of girls who definitely do not want PINK lol xx
Hopefully any pony lover can find something special on our site 

24 August 2011


Hope everyone is having a lovely summer holiday out there and plenty of pony related activities are being enjoyed ! 

Zoe loves Brad 2006

 We don't have any ponies anymore and I do miss the closeness and the smells, the cheekiness and stubbornness, the greediness and the bossiness. I don't miss the mucking out, the pulling up the ragwort ! keeping my greedy little pony in his starvation patch being cruel to be kind I hated that bit felt so mean.

My daughters have grown up and the ponies got too small. I remember good, bad,scary and funny times. But it did take up a lot of time (as all pony mum's will know! remember to say thanks to her lol )

 So now I draw ponies and print bags and tops I hope we have the nicest pony drawings I love the new head I've put onto hoodies, T's & bags for the Autumn.

03 July 2011

No I'm not going!

OK I'm off, supposedly that annoying little fidget bottom
had such a good time last Sat-on-all-day that he's asked to come back! and wants me again?... I'm a bit big to hide I'll have to go ask Coco for advise she'll know what to do lol